Computer Aided Mechanical dynAmic System Laboratory




Our research interests are in the field of dynamic system design, analysis, and control with special emphasis on mechatronic and robotic applications.

The design and control of multi-energy domain coupled mechatronic systems is different from the conventional dynamic systems from the various points of view since their functionalities are significantly affected by the highly coupled energy transport. Our research for the coupled multi-energy domain physical systems and our challenge for the development of a unified modeling and control provide graduate students with deep information and insight on mechatronic dynamic systems. Our attempts will build up a platform leading the modern robotic technology.



Robotic Mechanism Design

  Hydraulic robot manipulator design and impedance/compliance control for human guided robotic operation

  Coupled multi-leg mobile robot high performance actuator mechanism design and control

  Pneumatic dexterous gripper design and control for soft object manipulation

  Cleanroom operation robot manipulator design and control for semiconductor wafer transportation



Human Machine Interactions

  Modeling and identification of inferences about human task intent and proactive action on the part of the robotic actuation

  Robot learning by demonstration

  Learning and control by iteration




  Design and analysis of serial elastic actuators and variable stiffness actuators

  Pneumatic actuator design, analysis, and control




  Localized slippage detection with thin polymer sensor for robotic hand operation

  Development of intelligent slip detection algorithm