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Jong woo Lim,  Hyun sung Jung, Chang yeon Baek, Geon-Tae Hwang, Jung ho Ryu, Dae ho Yoon, Ji beom Yoo, Kwi-Il Park, Jong Hee Kim / All-inkjet-printed flexible piezoelectric generator made of solvent evaporation assisted BaTiO3 hybrid material / NANO ENERGY / 337-343 / 2017.12 Click


Sadhu Kolekar, S.P.Patole, Sumati Patil, J.B.Yoo C.V.Dharmadhikari / Study of thermal-field emission properties and investigation of temperature dependent noise in the field emission current from verical carbon nanotube emitters / SURFACE SCIENCE / 76-81 / 2017.10 Click


Tae-Sung Kim, Dong-Wook Shin, Seul-Gi Kim, Mun Ja Kim, Ji-Beom Yoo / Large area nanometer thickness graphite freestanding film without transfer process / CHEMICAL PHYSICS LETTERS / 101-104 / 2017.10 Click


Dong Won Kim, A Reum Park, Tae Sik Oh, Nae Eung Lee, Pil J. Yoo, Ji Beom Yoo / Porous MoS2@C hetero shell with Si yolk structure as an enhanced lithium transport anode material for lithium transport anode material for luthium ion batteries / JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A / 14906-14913 / 2017.08 Click


Jung Hun Lee, Yeong hyeon Gim, Seonghyun Bae, Changeun Oh, Han Seo Ko, Seunghyun Baik, Tae Sik Oh, Ji Beom Yoo / Determination of twisting angle of electrospun nanofiber bundle for continuous electrospinning system / JOURNAL OF APPLIED POLYMER SCIENCE / 45528(1 to 7) / 2017.07 Click


Min KyuKim, Dong WonKim, Soo HyunMoon, Dong-Wook Shin,Tae SikOh, Ji BeomYoo / One Step process of decomposition and polymerization to fabricate SiO2 hollow spheres/polyimide composite for foldable OLEDs / MATERIALS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING B-ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL SOLID-STATE MATERIALS / 7-11 / 2017.02 Click


Seong Man Yu, Kwang-Soo Lim, Dong-Wook Shin, Tae-Sik Oh, Ji-Beom Yoo / Effect of the intermediate sulfide layer on the Cu2ZnSnS4-based solar cells / JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE IN ELECTRONICS / 5696–5702 / 2017.01 Click


Qi Cheng Hu, Seul-Gi Kim, Dong-Wook Shin, Tae-Sung Kim, Ki-Bong Nam, Mun Ja Kim, Hwan-Chul Chun, Ji-Beom Yoo/ Large-scale nanometer-thickness graphite films synthesized on polycrystalline Ni foils by two-stage chemical vapor deposition process / CARBON / 309-317 / 2016.11 Click


Seong Man Yu, Kwang-Soo Lim, Arun Khalkar, Ji-Beom Yoo / Selenization of Cu2ZnSnS4 thin film using a Se metal-organic source for solar cell applications / APPLIED PHYSICS A-MATERIALS SCIENCE & PROCESSING 767 (1 to 7) / 2016.08 Click


Dong-Wook Shin, Dong chul Sung, Ji Su Hong, Minwoo Kim, Seung SooYoon, Young-Jae Song, Gunn Kim, Suklyun Hong, Ji-BeomYoo / Observation of graphene grain boundaries through selective adsorption of rhomanmine B using fluorescence microscopy / CARBON / 72-78 / 2016.07 Click


Dong-Wook Shin, Tae Sung Kim, Ji-Beom Yoo / Phosphorus doped grahene by inductively coupled plasma and triphenylphosphine treatments / MATERIALS RESEARCH BULLETIN / 71-75 / 2016.02 Click


Jung Hun Lee, Dong Wook Shin, Ki BongNam, Yeong  Hyeon Gim, Han Seo Ko, Dong Kyun Seo, Geon Hui  lee, Yong Hyup Kim, Sang Woo Kim, Tae Sik / Contucuous bundles of aligned electrospun PAN nano-fiber using electrostatic spiral collector and coverging coil / POLYMER / 52-58 / 2016.01 Click