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Spectral Purity Filter

There are two typical methods of generating plasma. In addition, there are two types of fuel that generate plasma. This represents the EUV efficiency of each fuel used in the plasma and the method of generating the plasma.


It shows Out-of band and In-band according to DPP method of Xe fuel and LPP method of Sn fuel.


The photo on the left shows the approximate appearance of the filter. The figure on the right uses a CO2 laser as the Sn source to generate light in different wavelengths. Here, Out-Of-Band (OOB) refers to a long wavelength band excluding In-Band (EUV), and In-band refers to Extreme Ultra Violet (EUV) with a wavelength of 13.5nm.


Indicates an issue that needs to be solved for an existing filter.


Shows the filter requirements. Also, on the right are candidates suitable for use as filters.