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Qicheng Hu, Seul-Gi Kim, Ki-Bong Nam, Jin-Ho Yeo, Tae-Sung Kim, Mun-Ja Kim, Ji-BeomYoo / A way to improve the uniformity of nanometer thickness graphite film synthesized on polycrystalline Ni substrate:From large grain to small grain / CARBON / 410-416 / 2019.04 Click


Ashok D. Ugalea, LinLin Chi, Min-Kyu Kim, Sudong Chae, Jae-Young Choi and Ji-Beom Yoo / Expanded Graphene Oxide Fibers with High Strength and Increased Elongation / RSC ADVANCES /  4198-4202 / 2019.04 Click


Kwang-Soo Lim , Seong-Man Yu , Seongrok Seo , Hyunjung Shin , Tae-Sik Oh , Ji-Beom Yoo / INCORPORATION OF Ge in Cu2ZnSnS4 thin film in a Zn-poor composition range / MATERIALS SCIENCE IN SEMICONDUCTOR PROCESSING / 194-200 / 2019.01 Click


Kwang‑Soo Lim, Seong‑Man Yu, Ki‑Bong Nam,  Qicheng Hu, Tae‑Sik Oh, Ji‑Beom Yoo / "Influence of stacking order and intermediate Phase at low temperature of Cu2ZnSnS4 thin film formation for solar cell" / JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE-MATERIALS IN ELECTRONICS / 18397–18403 / 2019.01 Click


Min Kyu Kim, Sung Hwan Hwang, Hyun Sung Jung, Tae Sik Oh, Jong Hee Kim, Ji Beom Yoo / inkjet Printing of SIO2 Hollow Spheres/Polyimide Hybrid Films for Foldable Low-K ILD / MACROMOLECULAR RESERCH / 1123-1128 / 2018.11 Click


Dong‐Wook Shin, Matthew D. Barnes, Kieran Walsh, Dimitar Dimov, Peng Tian, Ana I. S. Neves, C. / A new Facile Route to flexible and Semi-Transparent electrodes based on Water Exfoliated Graphene and their Single-Electrode / ADVANCED MATERIALS 1802953 (1 to 7) / 2018.08 Click


Siying Li, Jung-Hun Lee, Qi cheng Hu, Tae-Sik Oh, Ji-Beom Yoo / Scalable graphene composite membranes for enhanced ion selectivity / JOURNAL OF MEMBRANE SCIENCE / 159-165 / 2018.07 Click


Seul-Gi Kim, Qi cheng Hu, Ki-Bong Nam, Mun Ja Kim, Ji-Beom Yoo / Formation process of graphite film on Ni substrate with improved thinkness uniformity through precipitation control / CHEMICAL PHYSICS LETTERS 157-162 / 2018.03 Click