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Soojeong Lee, Sang Ha Lee, Tae Hyung Kim, Misuk Cho, Ji Bum Yoo, Tae-il Kim, Young kwan Lee / Geometry-Controllable Graphene Layers and Their Application for Supercapacitors / ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES / 8070-8075 / 2015.09 Click


Kwang-Soo Lim, Seong-Man Yu, Arun R.Khalkara, Tea-Sik Oh, Junggyu Nam, Dong-Wook Shin, Ji-BeomYoo / COMPARISON OF cU2zNsNs4 THIN FILM AND SOLAR CELL PREFORMANCE USING Zn target with ZnSS target / JOURNAL OF ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS / 641-646 / 2015.09 Click


Arun Khalkar, Kwang-Soo Lim, Seong-Man Yu, Dong-Wook Shin, Tae-Sik Oh, Ji-Beom Yoo / Effects of Sulfurization Pressure on the Conversion Efficiency of Consputtered Cu2ZnSnS4 Thin Film Solar Cells / INTERANTIONAL JOURNAL OF PHOTOENERGY / 750846 / 2015.07 Click


Seul-Gi Kim, Dong-Wook Shin, Taesung Kim, Sooyoung Kim, Jung Hun Lee, Chang Gu Lee, Cheol-Woong Yang, Sungjoo Lee, Sang Jin Cho, Hwan Chul Jeon, Mun Ja Kim, Byung-Gook Kim, Ji-Beom Yoo / Large-scale freestanding nanometer-thick graphite pellicles for mass production of nanodevices beyond 10 nm / NANOSCALE /14608-14611 / 2015.06 Click


Kyoungjun Choi, Sooji Nam, Youngbin Lee, Mijin Lee, Jaeyoung Jang, Sang Jin Kim, Yong Jin Jeong, Hyeongkeun Kim, Sukang Bae, Ji-Beom Yoo, Sung M. Cho, Jae-Boong Choi, Ho Kyoon Chung, Jong-Hyun Ahn, Chan Eon Park, Byung Hee Hong / Reduced Water Vapor Transmission Rate of Graphene Gas Barrier Films for Flexible Organic Field-Effect Transistors / 5818-5824 / 2015.06 Click


Jeong Min Lee, Jae-Hee Han, Jung-Hun Lee, Ji-Beom Yoo, Sang Jik Kwon, Eou Sik Cho / Direct Ablation by Laser of Single Graphene Monolayer and Graphene/Photopolymer Double Layer / JOURNAL OF NANOSCIENCE AND NANOTECHNOLOGY / 2027-2031 / 2015.03 Click


Min Kyu Kim, Dong Won Kim, Dong Wook Shin, Sang Joon Seo, Ho Kyoon Chung, Ji Beom Yoo / A flexible insulator of a hollow SiO2 sphere and polyimide hybrid for flexible OLEDs / PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS / 2416-2420 / 2015.03 Click


Jeong Min Lee, Jae-Hee Han, Jung-Hun Lee, Ji-Beom Yoo, Seongjae Cho, Sang Jik Kwon, Eou Sik Cho / Ablation of Graphene Film by Direct Nd:YVO4 Laser Under Various Beaming Conditions / JOURNAL OF NANOSCIENCE AND NANOTECHNOLOGY / 9060-9064 / 2014.12 Click


Sanghoon Kim, Ji-Beom Yoo, Gi-Ra Yi, Youngkwan Lee, Hyouk Ryeol Choi, Ja Choon Koo, Joon-Suk Oh Jae-Do Nam / An aggregation-mediated assembly of graphene oxide on amine-functionalized poly(glycidyl methacrylate) microspheres for core shell structures with controlled electrical conductivity / JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY C / 6462-6466 / 2014.12 Click


Jeong Min Lee, Jung-Hun Lee, Jae-Hee Han, Ji-Beom Yoo, Jong-Ho Lee, Seongjae Cho, Sang Jik Kwon, Eou Sik Cho / Nd:YVO4 laser ablation of graphene films on glass and poly(ethylene terephthalate) substrates / JAPANESE JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS / 08NL02 / 2014.12 Click


Tae-Heum Nam, Jung-Hun Lee, Seok-Ryul Choi, Ji-BeomYoo, Jung-Gu Kim / Graphene coating as a protective barrier against hydrogen embrittlement / INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HYDROGEN ENERGY / 11810-11817 / 2014.11 Click


Dong-Wook Shin, Jung Heon Lee, Ji-Beom Yoo / Effect of Si3N4 Thickness on the Optical Characterization of Graphene / JOURNAL OF NANOSCIENCE AND NANOTECHNOLOGY / 9119-9123 / 2014.11 Click


Jeong Seok Lee, Taewoo Kim, Hyelynn Song, Minwoo Lee, Dae Hong Jeong, Ji-Beom Yoo, Tae June Kang, Yong Hyup Kim / Binder-free, high-performance carbon nanotube line emitters fabricated using mechanical clamping process / JOURNAL OF ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS / 287-291 / 2014.11 Click


Xianhui Meng, Dong-Wook Shin, Seong Man Yu, Min-Ho Park, Cheolwoong Yang, Jung Heon Lee, Ji-Beom Yoo / Formation Mechanism of Rutile TiO2 Rods on Fluorine Doped Tin Oxide Glass JOURNAL OF NANOSCIENCE AND NANOTECHNOLOGY / 8839-8844 / 2014.10 Click


Kang Hyuck Lee, Hyeon‐Jin Shin, Brijesh Kumar,  Han Sol Kim, Jinyeong Lee, Ravi Bhatia, Sang‐Hyeob Kim, In‐Yeal Lee, Hyo Sug Lee, Gil‐Ho Kim, Ji‐Beom Yoo, Jae‐Young Choi,  Sang‐Woo Kim / Nanocrystalline-Graphene-Tailored Hexagonal Boron Nitride Thin Films / ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION / 11493-11497 / 2014.09 Click


Bhupendra K. Sharma, Boyoon Choic, Jyoti Singh, Jibeom Yoo, Byungkwon Lim, Jong-Hyun Ahn / Selective growth of inorganic nanomaterials on an oxidized graphene scaffold / CARBON /317-325 / 2014.07 Click


Jae-Hyun Lee, Soon-Hyung Choi, Shashikant P. Patole, Yamujin Jang, Keun Heo, Won-Jae Joo, Ji-Beom Yoo, Sung Woo Hwang, Dongmok Whang / Reliability Enhancement of Germanium Nanowires Using Graphene as a Protective Layer: Aspect of Thermal Stability / ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES / 5069-5074 / 2014.07 Click


Jeong Seok Lee, Taewoo Kim, Seul-Gi Kim, Myung Rae Cho, Dong Kyun Seo, Minwoo Lee, Seontae Kim, Dae Weon Kim, Gun-Sik Park, Dae Hong Jeong / High performance CNT point emitter with graphene interfacial layer / NANOTECHNOLOGY / 455601 / 2014.07 Click


Mini Mol Menamparambath, Jong-Ho Park, Ho-Sung Yoo, Shashikant P. Patole, Ji-Beom Yoo, Sung Wng Kim, Seunghyun Baik / Large work function difference driven electron transfer from electrides to single-walled carbon nanotubes / NANOSCALE / 8844-8851 / 2014.07 Click


Arun Khalkar, Kwang-Soo Lim, Seong-Man Yu, Shashikant P. Patole, Ji-Beom Yoo / Deposition of Cu2ZnSnS4 Thin Films by Magnetron Sputtering and Subsequent Sulphurization / ELECTRONIC MATERIALS LETTERS / 43-49 / 2014.04 Click


Seung-Ah Hong, Dong Hyun, Kim, Kyung Yoon Chung, Won young Chang, Jibeom Yoo JaehoonKim / Toward uniform and ultrathin carbon layer coating on lithium iron phosphate using liquid carbon dioxide for enhanced electrochemical performance / JOURNAL OF POWER SOURCES / 219-223 / 2014.03 Click