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연구실별 연구성과


        연구 성과 논문

No. 저널명(게재년도) 논문명(주저자/교신)
1 Thin Solid Films (2019) Three-dimensional out-of-plane geometric engineering of thin films for stretchable electronics: a brief review (문동빈/이내응)
2 Advanced Materials Technologies (2020) Toward a Stretchable Organic Light‐Emitting Diode on 3D Microstructured Elastomeric Substrate and Transparent Hybrid Anode (TranQuang Trung/이내응)
3 Biosensors and Bioelectronics (2020) A fully integrated bacterial pathogen detection system based on count-on-a-cartridge platform for rapid, ultrasensitive, highly accurate and culture-free assay (이원일/이내응)
4 Chemical Society Reviews (2020) Recent progress, challenges, and prospects in fully integrated mobile and wearable point-of-care testing systems for self-testing (Sajal Shrivastava/이내응)
5 Biosensors and Bioelectronics (2020) A wearable lab-on-a-patch platform with stretchable nanostructured biosensor for non-invasive immunodetection of biomarker in sweat (이한별/이내응)
6 Nature Communications (2020) A flexible artificial intrinsic-synaptic tactile sensory organ (이유림/이내응)
7 Advanced Functional Materials (2020) A Skin‐Inspired Substrate with Spaghetti‐Like Multi‐Nanofiber Network of Stiff and Elastic Components for Stretchable Electronics (Adeela Hnif/이내응)
8 Advanced Materials Technologies (2020) Microtrench‐Patterned Elastomeric Substrate for Stretchable Electronics with Minimal Interference by Bodily Motion (이재득/이내응)
9 Advanced Functional Materials (2020) Hollow Microfibers of Elastomeric Nanocomposites for Fully Stretchable and Highly Sensitive Microfluidic Immunobiosensor Patch (Van Long Huynh/이내응)
10 Micromachines(2021) A Composite Microfiber for BiodegradableStretchable Electronics (Adeela Hanif/이내응)
11 Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical(2021) A stretchable, room-temperature operable, chemiresistive gas sensor using nanohybrids of reduced graphene oxide and zinc oxide nanorods (문동빈/이내응)


        연구 성과 특허

No. 구분 특허명(발명자)
1 국내출원(2020)

상온 동작이 가능한 이산화질소 가스 센서

(이내응,윤대호,Atanu Bag,문동빈,Mohit Kumar)

2 국내출원(2021)

랜덤 또는 블록 폴리이미드 실록산 공중합체 및 이의 제조방법

(이내응,Gargi Ghosh)

2 해외출원(2021)

수동적 반응 잠복 시간 조절형 생화학 검출 제어 장치