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연구실별 연구성과


        연구 성과 논문

No. 저널명(게재년도) 논문명(주저자/교신)
1 Microelectronic engineering (2019)

Effect of black residue on the mechanical properties of Sn-58Bi epoxy solder joints 


2 Electronic Materials Letter (2019)

Effect of Sn-Decorated MWCNTs on the Mechanical Reliability of Sn-58Bi Solder 


3 Journal of materials science; materials in electronics (2019)

Pressureless transient liquid phase sintering bonding in air using Ni and Sn–58Bi for high‑temperature packaging applications (민경득/정승부)

4 Applied surface science (2019)

Effect of epoxy content in Ag nanoparticle paste on the bonding strength of MLCC packages (정광호/정승부)

5 Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics (2020) Effect of SDBS on the oxidation reliability of screen‑printed Cu circuits (이충재/정승부)
6 Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics (2020) Microstructures and thermal properties of Ag‑CNT/Cu composites fabricated by friction stir welding (김재하/정승부)
7 Journal of Electronic Materials (2020) Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of Sn-58 wt.% Bi Solder with Ag-Decorated Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes Under 85C/85% Relative Humidity Environmental Conditions (민경득/정승부)
8 Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics (2020) Effect of epoxy mold compound and package dimensions on the thermomechanical properties of a fan‑out package (정학산/정승부)
9 Science of Advanced Materials (2020) Effects of Temperature–Humidity Treatment on Bending Reliability of Epoxy Sn–58Bi Solder with Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG) and Electroless Nickel Electroless Palladium Immersion Gold (ENEPIG) (정학산/정승부)
10 Science of Advanced Materials (2020) Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of Cu Core Solder Ball (CCSB) Compared with SAC305 Solder for 2.5D and 3D Structure Package (PKG) (손재열/정승부)
11 Science of Advanced Materials (2020)

Mechanical Reliability of Epoxy Sn–58wt.%Bi Composite Solder Under Temperature-Humidity Treatment with Organic Solderability Preservatives (OSP) Surface Finish


12 Science of Advanced Materials (2020) Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of AA6061-T4 Composites Containing SiC and B4C Particles Fabricated by Friction Stir Processing (박현준/정승부)
13 Electronic Materials Letters (2020)

Fabrication of Novel Ag Flake Composite Films Using a CMC/PEI Cross‑Linking Process


14 Advanced Engineering Materials (2020) Ultra-fast photonic soldering with Sn–58Bi using intense pulsed light energy (정광호/정승부)
15 Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics (2020) Effect of Ag-decorated MWCNT on the mechanical and thermal property of Sn-58wt.%Bi solder joints for LED package component (이충재/정승부)
16 Electronic Materials Letters (2020) Transient liquid phase sintering of Ni and Sn-58Bi on microstructures and mechanical properties for Ni-Ni bonding (민경득/정승부)
17 Microelectronics Reliability (2020)

Mechanical reliability of Cu cored solder ball in flip chip package under thermal shock test


18 Journal of Materials Science & Technology (2020) Fabrication and characterization of Ag flake hybrid circuits with IPL-sintering (이충재/정승부)
19 Journal of Electronic Materials (2020) Mechanical Properties of Cu-Core Solder Balls with ENEPIG Surface Finish (정학산/정승부)
20 Microelectronics Reliability (2020) Bending reliability of Ni–MWCNT composite solder with a differential structure (이충재/정승부)
21 Journal of Electronic Materials (2020) The Fabrication of Ni-MWCNT Composite Solder and Its Reliability Under High Relative Humidity and Temperature (이충재/정승부)
22 Electronic Materials Letters (2020)

Electromigration Behavior of Cu Core Solder Joints Under High Current Density



        연구 성과 특허

No. 구분 특허명(발명자)
1 국내출원 (2019)/등록(2020)

자기력을 이용한 금속 재료 간의 천이액상접합 방법


2 국내출원 (2019)

초음파접합 신뢰성 평가 장치 및 방법 


3 국내출원(2020)

자기장을 이용한 솔더링 접합 방법


4 국제출원(2020)


5 국내출원(2020)

다파장 접속 광원 표면 처리를 활용한 이종재료의 접착접합 방법


6 국내출원(2020)

접합부의 비파괴 강도측정방법 및 접합부의 비파괴 강도측정장치


7 국내출원(2020)

전기화학적 마이그레이션 방지를 위해 솔더를 무전해 팔라듐 및 니켈 도금 방법


8 국내출원(2020)

배터리 셀의 연결 방법