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Lab News

2022 Conference on The Korean Society of Mechanical Engineers, ICC JEJU, Jeju-do, Republic of Korea (2022. 11. 09-12)

  (Poster) MyeongHee Jeong, BongHyun Seo, Ji Won Suk

   "Thermoacoustic characteristics of reduced graphene oxide films"

   (Poster) Soomook Lim, HyeonJong Lee,  Ji Won Suk

   "Measurement of Seebeck coefficients of doped graphene"

   (Poster) TaeGyeong Lim, JeongMin Yun, Yonas Tsegaye Megra, Ji Won Suk

   "Vertical graphene grown on carbon nanofibers for energy storage device electrodes"






2022 Conference on The Korean Electrochemical Society, Busan, Republic of Korea (2022. 11. 02-05)

  (Poster) TaeGyeong Lim, Jeongmin Yun, Myung-In Kim,  Ji Won Suk

   "Electrochemical performance of three-dimensional graphitic carbon nanofibers"






AWARD: 2022 Fall Conference on the Korean Society for Composite Materials (2022. 11. 04)

  The presentation "Measurement of the adhesion energy of monolayer graphene using Mode

   1 fracture testby Bonghyun Seo, Yonas Tsegaye Megra and Ji Won Suk was selected

   for the 2022 Fall Conference on the Korean Society

   for Composite Materials. Congratulations!


Graduation: Acquisition of Ph.D

  Yonas earned a Ph.D. degree under the subject of

   "Synthesis and Adhesion Properties Investigation of Large Area Two-Dimensional (2D)

   -Materials using Mode-1 Fracture Mechanics". Congratulations!





2022 Conference on The Korean Society of Mechanical Engineers, Busan, Republic of Korea (2022. 05. 18-20)

  (Poster) Yonas Tsegaye Megra, Soomook LimTaeGyeong Lim, Ji Won Suk

   "Modification of the adhesion energy of monolayer graphene on SiO2"

   (Poster) TaeGyeong Lim, Ji Won Suk

   "Thermostable fiber supercapacitors using multi-layer CVD graphene"

   (Poster) Hyeon-Jong LeeSeung Chan NaTaeGyeong LimJeongmin Yun, Ji Won Suk

   "Stretchable fiber strain sensor using graphene and carbon nanofiber


대한기계학회 단체사진



2022 Conference on The Korean Society for Composite Materials, Jeju-do, Republic of Korea (2022. 05. 18-20)

  (Poster) Jeongmin Yun, TaeGyeong Lim, Ji Won Suk

   "Controlling the diameter of carbon nanofibers produced by electrospinning"

   (Poster) Soohyeon ChoTaeGyeong LimJeongmin Yun, Ji Won Suk

   "Carbon-based stretchable strain sensors using wrinkled structures"

   (Poster) Hang Phan Thi Kim, Yonas Tsegaye Megra, Ji Won Suk

   "Bilayer graphene synthesis on copper using conventional thermal CVD