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송장근 (Song, Jang-Kun)

Tel: +82-031-299-4599


• Education

 Ph.D. in Electronics & Electrical Engineering, University of Dublin, Trinity College, Ireland. (2008)


 • Experiences

√ Principal Engineer, Samsung Electronics Co., Korea. (1998-2010)
√ Engineer, Samsung SDI Co., Korea. (1996-1998)


 • Research Interests

 Display Devices : LCD (Optics, LC mode etc.), OLED,
 Display Materials : Liquid Crystals, optical films etc.
 Image processing and color science based on human-sense
 Layered molecular system : smectics, membranes etc



 • Selective Publications

 J. K. Song, A. Fukuda, and J. K. Vij, “Mechanism of the ferroelectric to antiferroelectric phase transition in chiral
  smectic liquid crystals”, Physical Review Letters, vol. 101, 097801 (2008).

 K. H. Kim and J. K. Song, “Technical evolution of liquid crystal displays”,
NPG Asia materials, vol. 1(1), 29 (2009).
 J. K. Song, U. Manna, A. Fukuda, and J. K. Vij, “Antiferroelectric relaxation process in dielectric permittivity and 
  the interlayer interaction in antiferroelectric liquid crystals”, Appl. Phys. Lett., 93, 142903 (2008).


• Distinctions

 King Se-jong Award by Korean Intellectual Property Office, 2001.
√ Best Paper Awards by Samsung Electronics Co. (2001, 2002)
 Excellent Patent Awards by Samsung Electronics Co. (5 times : 2000 ~ 2003)