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Multiphysics Systems & Computation Lab!


About MSC Lab.


Multiphysics Systems & Computation (MSC) Lab. is directed by Prof. Eun-Ho Lee in School of Mechanical Engineering, Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU). Our group is interested in understanding multiphysics system including Electromagnetic-thermal-metallurgy-mechanical coupled phenomena. The major research topic focuses on continuum mechanics and inelasticity theory in the multiphysics system. We have applied our theories and computation programs to manufacturing process design, sensing in smart factory, tissue engineering, electronic devices and reliability engineering, etc. Our group has been working with industrial partners.


The research fields in the lab include: 

Continuum mechanics

Inelasticity theory & modeling

Multiphysics modeling (Electromagnetic-thermal-metallurgy-mechanical)

- Multiphysics system design

- Computational mechanics



Research & Project partners: 

- Hyundai Motors


- GM USA manufacturing consortium

- Kiswire Inc.


- Technion institute in Israel

- Michigan State University


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