Research Area

Research Area

High-Tech Construction

-Explore theories, technologies, and methodologies for construction


Advanced Construction Management

-Use cutting edge technologies to imrpove construction management activities


Modern Construction Materials and Methods

-Employ state-of-the-art materials and methods in a civil engineering context


Laser Scanning/Image Capture

-Use various scanning/imaging technologies such as drones and laser scanners in the construction process


Technology Prototyping for AEC

-Rapid prototyping and retrofitting of technology for AEC (architecture and construction engineering)


Advanced Methods for Skyscraper Construction

-Advanced methods for use in high-rise construction


Construction Automation and Robotics


Construction IoT

-Internet of Things (IoT)-based construction and maintenance


BIM Big Data

-Big data and cloud computing based Building Information Modeling (BIM) services


Smart Drone Technology for Construction



Seminar on Construction & Maintenance based on Ubiquitous Technology

-Understanding ubiquitous technologies in the construction industry and those that can be used in the future for efficient site management and operation for u-City.  This course focuses on learning how various technologies can be applied to construction activities to improve productivity and quality.


Project Management for u-City Construction and Development

-This course covers management issues for u-City construction and development.  There are three main objectives of this course.

1.To understand fundamental knowledge about project management issues for u-City construction and development
2.To study scheduling, risk management, decision making, cost management for u-City construction
3.To study business administration, financing, feasibility analysis and planning
4 .To understand laws and regulation for u-City


Advanced Construction Methods and Automation for Tall Buildings

-The objective of this course is to learn how automation technology can be applied to construction activities to improve productivity and quality and to learn advanced construction methods which were using in construction sites. The students learn how to identify advanced construction method and automation opportunities and how to evaluate the potential of existing prototype and systems.


Advanced Construction

-This course provides opportunities for an in-depth study of the state-of-the-art construction management technologies and techniques.  Topics may vary.


Risk Management

-This course presents fundamentals of methodical decisions and risk analysis in the perspective of project planning, engineering, construction, and operations. Accordingly, the importance of the course is on an analysis methodology. The rational risk management topics of contingency management, contracts, insurance, and sureties will also be addressed in this class.


Building Construction Methods and Materials (Undergrad)

-This course introduces basic construction methods, their processes, and utilization of various materials in construction by various work sections. Also this course helps students improve the applicability of relevant knowledge in practice through construction site visits and investigations. This course covers works on finishes, rough interior, and prefabricated construction.


Cost Estimation for Building COnstruction (Undergrad)

-Construction cost estimation is very essential to budgeting and cost control through the overall construction process. In this course, principles of cost estimation for building construction projects will be covered followed by cost estimation practice based on the construction drawings.


Architectural Engineering Capstone Design (Undergrad)

-In this class the students are required to select a specific topic and carry out a term project based on the knowledge obtained from the other architectural engineering classes, and on the lectures and discussion on related topics. It is recommended that the students further develop the topic into the thesis for bachelor degree.


Construction Methods and Technology (Undergrad)

-This course covers various construction technology and methods as well as planning and management methods for selection of construction methods. In particular, students can improve adaptability in practice through the knowledge on new construction technology and methods covered in this course.